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Add-Ons & Injections

Customize your infusions even more with add-on vitamins and injections. Our IM injections are B12, Vitamin D, Tri-Immune, MICC and Glutathione. These can be given without an infusion. 

Toradol and Zofran can be given with Detox, Migraine and pregnancy infusions only. 


Now Available!

NAD+ injections (anti-aging) are now available. The prescription and cost will vary pending on what the doctor prescribes you. You will have to download the Hydreight Wellness app to get started and book a telehealth consult. Search for Almost Heaven Mobile Hydration and then book NAD+ IM. Each vial will consist of 4 or more injections that will be given by us but the medication will be mailed to you. Please reach out with any questions!

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